About Headline Season 5, Episode 0 :

For all we know, Breaking Bad is finally getting to its end point on television and it will be living behind good memories to all its viewer fans. The Breaking Bad fans will surely get an extra dose of the MC drama TV Series this week and the next as AMC expands the final two episodes of the series. Announced by Executive Producer Peter Gould on Twitter last Wednesday, he said that the season’s penultimate episode and series finale will each run 75 minutes instead of the typical 60. "Set your DVRs accordingly," Gould wrote. "Better still, watch live!" Based on his tweet, he seems to be preparing all the Breaking Bad fans into something more exciting and overwhelming in the season finale, something they need to look forward to. In addition, AMC also unveiled a promo poster for the series finale, which airs on Sept. 29. "It was all in the chemistry. Thanks to everyone who made bad so good," the poster reads, and features a photo of the RV where Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) originated their meth-making operation. The first part of the two-episode season finale is going to air on Sunday, 9pm on AMC.

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