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Mobster "Baby Face" Martin returns home to visit the New York neighborhood where he grew up, dropping in on his mother, who rejects him because of his gangster lifestyle, and his old girlfriend, Francey, now a syphilitic prostitute. Martin also crosses paths with Dave, a childhood friend struggling to make it as an architect, and the Dead End Kids, a gang of young boys roaming the streets of the city's East Side slums. Stars Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, Wendy Barrie, Claire Trevor, Allen Jenkins, Marjorie Main, Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell, Bernard Punsly, Charles Peck, Minor Watson, James Burke, Ward Bond, Elisabeth Risdon, Esther Dale, George Humbert, Marcelle Corday, Don Barry, Wade Boteler, Al Bridge, G. Pat Collins, Thomas E. Jackson, Tom Ricketts, Walter Soderling, Earl Askam, Gilbert Clayton, Jerry Cooper, Bill Dagwell, Bud Geary, Charles Halton, Robert Homans, Esther Howard, Kathryn Ann Lujan, Mona Monet, Gertrude Valerie, Charlotte Treadway, Maude Lambert, Lucile Browne, Frank Shields, Wesley Giraud, Mickey Martin, Payne B. Johnson, Sidney Kibrick, Larry Harris, Tom Randall, Norman Salling, Hugh Sheridan, Audrey Carol, Paula Hariette Levy,

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