Grotesque (2022)

About Grotesque

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Mildred Moyer transforms from shy misfit to loveable psychopath when her back-alley plastic surgery is botched. Mildred finds herself living her best life as she unleashes brutal vengeance on all those who tormented her in the past. Stars Jaime Hill, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Amber Shaun, Hudsynn Grace Kennedy, Darrell Portz, Julie Whelan, Tom Antoni, Jarvis Greiner, Julia Van Dam, Geordie Cheeseman, Jade Benoit, Faizel Janmohamed, Kelly Krause, Marven Likness, Redi Zyka, Jaymz Smith, Kerry Gariano, Luke Rusnak, Sam Au, Lukas Lock, Chris Schuler, Mike Richards, Lee Lopez, Sasha Omeltchenko, Trish Van Doornum, Owais Siddiqui, Elena Hlebnicova, Jason Bannister, Laura Steel, Julio Mateo, Paige Hounsome, Paul Huculak,

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