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A C-47 transport plane, named the Corsair, makes a forced landing in the frozen wastes of Labrador, and the plane's pilot, Captain Dooley, must keep his men alive in deadly conditions while waiting for rescue. Stars John Wayne, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Abel, James Arness, Andy Devine, Allyn Joslyn, Jimmy Lydon, Harry Carey, Jr., Hal Baylor, Sean McClory, Wally Cassell, Gordon Jones, Frank Fenton, Robert Keys, Sumner Getchell, Regis Toomey, Paul Fix, Jim Dugan, George Chandler, Louis Jean Heydt, Bob Steele, Darryl Hickman, Mike Connors, Cass Gidley, Herbert Anderson, Anthony De Mario, Ann Doran, Fess Parker, William A. Wellman, Dawn Bender, Carl Switzer,

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