Love and Love Not (2022)

About Love and Love Not

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There are two places Nicky Leandro calls home each reinforcing a particular facet of his personality: the red-blooded New Yorker and the L.A. transplant. Up until now each have done a fine job of compartmentalizing themselves. That is until Lily, an old flame, gets a hold of him right as he's about to head home for the holidays. Stars Francesco D'onofrio, Afton Jillian, Fabiana Udenio, Makenna Perkal, Sofie Marie, Chase Vacnin, Joseph D'Onofrio, Alex Corrado, Louise Holm Hansen, Daniel Merino, Wade O. Alden, Cathy Baron, Kristian Pierce, Chantelle Albers, Chris Levine, Julia Kay, Chelsea LeSage, Morgan Doelp, Dylan Kelley, Caleb McMenemy, Andrew P. Decarlo, Matthew Provenza, Jordan Benoit, Chris Jehnert, Mike Taverna, Dezman Horne, Jansen Panettiere, Sal Piro, Garrett Louis, Britt Bowman, Katt Gerardi, Christopher Ambrosio, Christine Lee, Sheer, Skylar Kardon,

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