Monster High: The Movie (2022)

About Monster High: The Movie

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Clawdeen Wolf, half human and half werewolf, has recently started attending Monster High, a school for monsters in all forms. After quickly befriending her classmates Frankie Stein and Draculaura, Clawdeen feels like she has finally found a place where she can truly be herself, or so she thinks. Soon, a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her real identity and Clawdeen must learn to embrace her true monster heart before it's too late. Stars Miia Harris, Ceci Balagot, Nayah Damasen, Case Walker, Lina Lecompte, Jy Prishkulnik, Justin Derickson, Marci T. House, Kyle Selig, Lilah Fitzgerald, Nasiv Sall, Tanya Carter, Scotch Ellis Loring, Steve Valentine, Ajay Banks, Abby Chung, Andrew Kyrzyk, Connor Wong, Zavien Garrett, Autumn Thorn, Sam Scherzer, Darian Mark, Milaina Chanel, Dominique Mailloux, Dreyden Free, Breyanna Oldham, Mila Jones, Allison Klause,

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