Owning Mahowny (2003)

About Owning Mahowny

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Dan Mahowny was a rising star at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. At twenty-four he was assistant manager of a major branch in the heart of Toronto's financial district. To his colleagues he was a workaholic. To his customers, he was astute, decisive and helpful. To his friends, he was a quiet, but humorous man who enjoyed watching sports on television. To his girlfriend, he was shy but engaging. None of them knew the other side of Dan Mahowny--the side that executed the largest single-handed bank fraud in Canadian history, grossing over $10 million in eighteen months to feed his gambling obsession. Stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, John Hurt, Maury Chaykin, Ian Tracey, K.C. Collins, Jason Blicker, Vince Corazza, Sonja Smits, Roger Dunn, Eric Fink, Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang, Tanya Henley, Brona Brown, Philip Craig, Michael Caruana, Gary Brennan, Sherry Hilliard, Alex Poch-Goldin, Joseph Scoren,

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