About Rush for Your Life

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Tasha Brooks is a journalism student at a new college trying to land a spot on the student paper, but the editor, Clancy, tells her she needs a big story to break through. When Tasha hears about a student who died while pledging the Tau Theta Nu sorority, she decides to write an exposé on the hazing. Tasha goes undercover and pledges Tau Theta Nu, where sorority president Gabriela explains that in order to make the cut, pledges must complete a series of dares received via an app. It sounds easy, but things turn deadly when an anonymous user begins sending Tasha increasingly dangerous dares, as if they are trying to hurt her. As Tasha fights for her life, and digs into Tau Theta Nu's past, she realizes that there is a larger conspiracy afoot, and that everyone at this college hides dark secrets. Stars Keeya King, Keara Graves, Amanda Jordan, Kayleigh Shikanai, Mary Ditta, Candice Lidstone, Sean Tucker, Jake Shannon, Ruchi Wigwe, Holly Makarchuk, Rachelle Mazzilli, Andrew John Groome, Mercedes Mitchell,

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