The Abigail Mysteries (2023)

About The Abigail Mysteries

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Abby Brooks is a true-crime podcaster struggling to come to terms with the loss of her baby and her subsequent divorce. Moving back to her hometown, she quickly gets wrapped up in a mystery surrounding the untimely death of her eccentric neighbor. Following the clues left behind for her, Abby goes on a journey of faith, reconnection and adventure as she works with her childhood crush, Matt, a local cop who has secretly had feelings for Abby for years, to solve the layered mystery. Stars Ansley Gordon, Bret Green, Karen Abercrombie, Chris Lindsay, Brittany Goodwin, Brit Laree, Sean J. Dillingham, Suzanne R. Neff, Doug Waldo, Braxton Angle, Jewel Christian, Israel Alexander, Silver Days, Donna Morrell Gafford, Shawn Bradford West, John H. Euber, Cynthia Daddona, Krista Cooper-Schmidt,

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