The Good Shepherd (2006)

About The Good Shepherd

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Edward Wilson, the only witness to his father's suicide and member of the Skull and Bones Society while a student at Yale, is a morally upright young man who values honor and discretion, qualities that help him to be recruited for a career in the newly founded OSS. His dedication to his work does not come without a price though, leading him to sacrifice his ideals and eventually his family. Stars Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Crudup, Robert De Niro, Keir Dullea, Michael Gambon, Martina Gedeck, William Hurt, Timothy Hutton, Mark Ivanir, Gabriel Macht, Lee Pace, Joe Pesci, Eddie Redmayne, John Sessions, John Turturro, Yelena Shmulenson, Jack Martin, Anne-Marie Cusson, Robert Bermudez Cordell, David Crommett, Michael Arden, Justin Bohon, Justin Daniel, Michael Flanigan, John Hill, Will Reynolds, Michael Seelbach, Ryan Michael Shaw, Stephen Powell, Henry Gummer, Gregory Marcel, Austin Williams, Sophie Sutton, Lars Gerhard, Tessa Kim, Peter Kybart, Rob Barnes, Lee Bryant, Laila Robins, Redman Maxfield, John C. Whitehead, Jeff Skowron, Oleg Shtefanko, Meredith Deacon, Josh Casaubon, Christopher Evan Welch, Tuc Watkins, Leonard Logsdail, Eric Lindh, Trace Taylor, Amanda Barron, James Faulkner, Robert Ian Mackenzie, Dieter Riesle, Sándor Técsy, Tommy Nelson, Greg Plitt, Marcos Cohen, Jeff Applegate, Jon Monett, Sandee Conrad, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Susan Haskell, Sjoerd Dejong, Neal Huff, Jason Butler Harner, Amy Wright, Matthew Humphreys, Karron Graves, Robert C. Kirk, Reathel Bean, Jerry Coyle, Wally Dunn, Roger Rathburn, Michael Melvoin, Glenn Kalison, John Knox, Benjamin Eakeley, Gino Cafarelli, Tommy DeVito, Stefanie Nava, Isabella Cimato, Jimmy Marchese, Robert Prescott, Bill McHugh, Ann Hampton Callaway, Christopher Druckman, Liya Kebede, John Henry, Josh Pence, Dave Payton, Vladislav Kozlov,

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