After Lately

After Lately

After Lately is an American television comedy. The series depicts, in mockumentary style, the behind the scenes goings-on at the office of the late-night talk show Chelsea Lately. The cast is made up of the actual writers and performers of Chelsea Lately, who play themselves as they suffer the indignities and relish the perks of show business, bicker and argue over trivial and petty matters, compete for show air time and personal approval from Chelsea, and produce a nightly late-night cable comedy show. Celebrity guest stars regularly appear, playing parody versions of themselves, interacting with Chelsea and the cast. The series began airing on E! on March 6, 2011. Watch After Lately series full episodes online streaming for free. When Chelsea Lately signs off each night, her gaggle of lunatic staffers is just getting started. Follow the real-life laughs of Chuy, Brad, Sarah, Chris, Heather and the rest of the gang. Because hey, Handler’s not the only funny one around here
Premiere Date: March 6, 2011
Air Time: 11:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Monday

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