About Beverly Hills Pawn Season 1, Episode 13 :

Reality Documentary

In this episode of Beverly Hills Pawn, things heat up for Aria as the pressure gets placed on her to learn more about the items she is selling. Meanwhile, Norwood Young (Musician) pays a visit to Yossi while attempting to get him to buy this magnificent knife used by Jaime Foxx in the recent box-office hit: Django. Yossi caves regardless of the price, how can you not?! After, Yossi visits a beautiful home to view the one and only dress worn by Kim Novack in the movie classic: Vertigo. The dress was designed by the famous Edith Head and gathers an enormous price estimate of… wait for it… OVER $100,000!!!!!! Phew! The end of this episode brings out the most exciting piece, in my opinion. A man brings in a 450 year old Bhudda statue. The statue is of Gilt Bronze and was made in the 16th century!! That's an old Bhudda! Not to mention, this amazing statue was used in the movies: Maltese Falcon and Blood Bath… oh yeah AND it was part of the Ming Dynasty in China. Now that's art! Although, as amazing as it is, Yossi can't seem to agree on a price.

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