About WWE WrestleMania IX

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WWE WrestleMania IX was the ninth annual WrestleMania.. The event took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 4, 1993 and was the first WrestleMania event held outdoors. WrestleMania IX was built around two main storylines. The first was the seemingly unstoppable Yokozuna challenging Bret Hart for the WWF Championship, a right he earned by winning the 1993 Royal Rumble. The other major storyline was the return of Hulk Hogan, who had departed the WWF following WrestleMania VIII but returned to team with Brutus Beefcake against the WWF Tag Team Champions, Money Inc. Several reviewers have been critical of the event. The most frequent criticism has been related to the match between The Undertaker and Giant Gonzalez, Hulk Hogan's win, and the Roman togas worn by announcers. Both the pay-per-view buyrate and the attendance for the event dropped from the previous year's WrestleMania. Stars The Hitman, Rodney Anoaʻi, Mark Calaway, Jorge González, Curt Hennig, Larry Pfohl, Ted DiBiase Sr., Mike Rotunda, Hulk Hogan, Ed Leslie, Scott Hall, Bob Backlund, Brian Adams, Matt Osborne, Scott Rechsteiner, Rob Rechsteiner, Solofa Fatu Jr., Samula Anoa'i, Michael Hickenbottom, Chris Chavis, Harry Fujiwara, Jimmy Hart, Bruno Lauer, Afa Anoa'i, Trudy Vachon, Sherri Russell, William Moody, Steve Keirn, Merced Solis, Charles Wright,

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